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See now, intelligence is a spectrum. Not all places on this spectrum are necessarily where you want to be. There are some good, mild areas where lots of folks find it easy. Some folks function like crazedy-assed Einstein and can write an equation that solves all other equations, yet cannot go to a pants store and make a viable decision about what to do. We need these people, because they can figure out how many planes to buy for a war, and how much french fries McDonald’s got to have on hand if the McDonald’s train is leavin’ Idaho at 3pm goin’ east at 475 feet per second. We also need the people who ain’t like these people. I say wage peace, brother. The next time you see a computer graphic of a toroid with a wedge cut out, thank the smart people. The next time you need a beej and a taco dinner, head on down to the mall when the Clinique counter is closin’ up.

Oh, look who has work up at big/bad MOMA currently: our friend Liz Deschenes!  Tilt/Swing (360° field of vision, version 1) (2009) installed on the third floor. Liz only makes unique works. If I read the wall text correctly then the museum bought this one for themselves.

Elizabeth Weiss, musical dog trainer, for New York Magazine
Interview #408: Katherine Akey


image New York City, USA.

q: Give a short introduction of yourself:
a: Although I just did completed the MFA program at ICP-Bard, I actually come from a very science-heavy academic background. I majored in Psycholinguistics, a branch of Cognitive Science, in my undergrad at NYU. My entire…


Two women (personifications of “Friendly Welcome” and “Courteous Welcome”) ensnare “fickle and flighty” hearts in a net.
From Pierre Salas’ beautiful Little Book of Love (ca.1500). Read about it here:

MIT Will Teach You Photojournalism For Free